Loving The Next Generation To Jesus

By Kristen Entwistle

Jud and Jan were like family to the students of Gordon College, inviting them into their home and their lives, loving them as only they could.  One of the other icons of Gordon College, if you will, is Dr. Marv Wilson.  Dr. Wilson is a short, older gentleman who teaches in the Biblical Studies department at Gordon College.  He is a translator and editor of the New International Version of the Bible, and has also contributed notes in the NIV study Bible for two Old Testament books.  Learning from Dr. Wilson was truly a highlight of my career at Gordon College, as was learning from the example set by Jud and Jan Carlberg.

Jan has written a book called The Welcome Song, in which she recounts a story of the funeral of Marv Wilson’s mother.  She writes,

“Marv Wilson spoke first, though he said nothing from the podium.  He simply sat on the front row with his wife, Polly, and their grandson, Ian.  I watched Ian nestle under the wings of Marv and Polly.  Sometimes Ian’s head rested on his grandpa’s shoulder.  And God spoke to me of safe places and strong shoulders and of loving the next generation to Jesus.  I want to be that kind of person.  I want Gordon College to be that kind of place. […] These grandparents pray that, someday, by faith, Ian and Jay will take their own stands beneath the cross of Jesus, and they’ll become the strong shoulders, the safe places, the singers, and love-links for another generation.”

Isn’t that what every Christian parent and grandparent wants for their children?  To be a strong shoulder and safe place, showing them the love of Christ so that they might become the strong shoulders and safe places for the next generation?  Even as just a babysitter to many kids in my church, this is what I want for them.  That when they need a shoulder to cry on and mom’s not there, I can be.  I pray that my example can be one to follow, and that they will grow up and by faith walk in the light.

heb 11 20

Join us today as we study our next hero of hope, Isaac.

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