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To You, No Matter Where You Are Today

By Kristen Entwistle

Walking down the street, I see people hurting.  I see people putting on a smile even though their heart is breaking.  I see people who are in trouble.  I see people who are incredibly and indescribably happy.  I see people who are searching for something.  I see people who need a word of encouragement today.

Maybe you’re one of those people I passed on the street this morning (figuratively, of course) and you need to hear that you are not alone.  You are not the only one who is struggling.  You are not the only one who is hurting.  You are not the only one who is smiling through tears.  You are not the only one who needs Jesus.  May these words encourage you today, wherever you may be walking, whatever your circumstances, and whenever you may be feeling these emotions.

To the weary and overwhelmed, you are not alone.  It may seem like there is no end to this tunnel right now.  It probably seems like your world is crashing down around you and that nothing is ever going to change.  Rest assured, you are not alone.  Christ has offered us rest in Him.  Take your cares to Him, lay your burdens at His feet.  He will care for you in this time of need, even though it may not be what you are expecting.  When you are overwhelmed, run to Jesus.  His perfect peace will wash over you – maybe as a gentle whisper, maybe as the crashing of the waves on the sea.  But He will give you rest, and He will give you His peace.  You need only come to the feet of Jesus.

To the joyful and happy, you are not alone.  It’s clear from your face that you are enjoying a time of plenty right now.  Share it with others, if you can.  Be the person who brings a smile to someone else’s face because you are just so joyful that it’s contagious.  Share what God has done in your life and praise Him for it.  Praise Him now, and praise Him when the happiness fades and the true joy remains.

To the sick and sorrowing, you are not alone.  Maybe you are physically sick right now, and you can’t seem to even get out of bed.  Perhaps it is your heart that is sorrowful, mourning the loss of a child, a parent, a friend.  It is not the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick; not the blue skies that need the sun, but the grey.  Christ is the great healer, the Son that we need.  He may not physically heal you or bring your loved one back to you right now, but He has promised us a better future where there will be no more sickness, and we will be with Him forever.  Have faith that there are better things coming, friend.  Hold on, because better days are coming.

To the blessed and in awe, you are not alone.  Share your awe with those around you.  Perhaps it is the birth of a child or the new job that you didn’t expect, or the expectation of a bright future with the person you love of which you are in awe.  Shout it from the mountaintops that Christ is good, that His love endures forever!  Share it with your church, your friends, the person on the corner.  Don’t hold you joy and awe inside, tell the world what Christ has done in your life.

To the battered and broken, you are not alone.  It may seem like this time of trial won’t ever come to an end.  It may seem like nothing good could ever come of it.  But take heart, friend, for He has overcome the world.   Nothing escapes His perfect plan, no rain returns to the sky without first watering the Earth.  These trials are only going to make you into more of the person that He is shaping you to be.  Take this time of molding to come to the cross and remember that Christ died for you.  He died to save your soul, and better days are coming.  Keep praying for that rain upon your life.  It will come.

To the confident and assured, you are not alone.  It seems like everything has fallen into place lately, the future is certain.  Keep the door open, though, because something that God has planned for you might come along, and you certainly don’t want to miss it.  Enjoy this time of certainty, and be sure to praise Him for it.  Share it with the friends and family around you, and tell the world that He is good.

To the unsure and apprehensive, you are not alone.  In this time of the unknown, rest in the peace that God has a plan, and that He will carry it out in His perfect time.  That doesn’t make it any easier now, but pray for peace, comfort, and wisdom.  He will surely grant it to you.