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Endurance, Perseverance, and Faith

By Kristen Entwistle

In college, I was a distance swimmer.  After college, I started training for half-marathons.  And I’m not going to lie to you: running half marathons is hard.  The training is brutal, and the race is long (not as long as a marathon, but still).  When I’m running those 13.1 miles, there are a thousand thoughts that go through my head.

Why am I doing this?  I can’t do this.  

I could have just run one mile.  Why did I decide to run thirteen?

Stop thinking like that.  You can do this.  

Distance running requires perseverance.  It requires endurance.  And so does faith.

Black & white image of a wooden cross against a cloudy sky - low angle view

The people reading Hebrews were ready to quit.  They were being persecuted and suffering, and were ready to throw in the towel – until the writer of Hebrews tells them: “Wait!  Remember what you went through in the past?  You made it through, even though it was terrible.  So keep on keeping on.  Let met tell you about some of the people in YOUR past that were commended for their faith.”

Will you join me this week as we look at what faith is, and what faith should bring about in our lives?

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