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By Cody Mudrack
The other day while at lunch with my wife and a couple of friends, I asked, “What time is it?” I then checked my pocket watch my wife bought me for a wedding present. My wife checked her watch and our friend checked his phone.
“It’s 12:08.” I said.
“It’s 12:23.” my wife said.
“Uhh, it’s 12:15.” our friend with the phone said.
“So which one is it?” I questioned.
“Probably the one with the phone.” my wife replied.
My wife and I checked our phones and sure enough, our friend was correct. Somewhere down the line our various time keeping devices got off. But our friend’s phone wasn’t off at all. His phone was connected to the internet and displayed the official, correct time.
God is much like the internet connected phone in this case. How often do you and I take time to re-calibrate our life by reading the Word and praying so that we may see what God says is correct? How often are we in prayer inviting God into our daily quest? Had my wife and I daily checked the official internet time and set our mechanical devices to it, our watches wouldn’t have been off. I invite you to daily read God’s word and spend time each and every day in prayer.
The pastor of our new church we found in Tennessee invited the church to read the whole Bible in a year. There’s a great app for doing this; it’s called ReadScripture. It has videos and the text for every day. My wife and I have decided to do it and we read together every night before bed. If you think that it’s already too late to start and you’ll just be behind, just remember what our pastor told us, “You’ll just be further behind in the future.”