About All For Him Life

All For Him Life is a Christian Ministry founded in 2015 by Kristen.  In 2018, her husband, Cody, joined the team.  All For Him Life seeks to encourage and challenge you to live your life for Christ in ALL that you do and say.  We seek to provide encouragement of studying the Word of God through Bible Studies, blog posts, and photos, continuing to point people to the cross.  We seek to challenge people to step outside of their comfort zones and share what God has done in their lives by creating a safe environment for conversation.  We seek to show God’s love to the suffering and broken-hearted, and to provide hope in the darkest and deepest of valleys.

Our ministry is currently in its early stages, and we are looking forward to seeing where God is going to take us, praying that in ALL we do, He will be glorified.

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